Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Desperately Seeking Motivation

Me and my scale are fighting.  I stepped on it 4 times this morning and I got 4 different weights.  I wish I would have just taken it's word for it when it said I was down 2 lbs (since Sunday) but I doubted it and my next weight was 1.5 lbs heavier.  I thought we were friends but obviously my scale is unreliable and no one needs an unreliable friend.

I was wasting time on Pinterest last night and came across this:
I'm sure it's meant to be motivating and inspiring but it left me feeling depressed.  I am not one to work out too hard.  I find sweating to be uncomfortable and I don't like when my body hurts.  My husband tells me that if I just push through it, the endorphins will kick in and I'll start feeling good.  I honestly never got to that point.  I workout for vain reason and have been doing some form of exercise everyday out of guilt.

The thought that I would have to exert that much energy just to lose a pound is disappointing.  I don't have 27 minutes a day to myself.  Well, I guess I do since I'm sitting here blogging but it's the early hours of the morning and if I work out then I will for sure be waking up my girls.  I have to be like a ninja in the morning: tip toeing around, lights off, placing things down ever so quietly, or my oldest will be up.  That girl is against sleeping in and is almost always up before the sun!

I think I'm just a bit unmotivated and need to snap out of it.  I'm running out of food ideas and my birthday is around the corner.  That alone makes me want to sit on the couch stuffing my face with cookies.   No lie, I almost ate frozen cookie dough out of the tub the other day.  Thankfully, it was too hard for my spoon to cut through and I gave up.

I'm going to go find myself a better attitude now... and perhaps a new scale!

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  1. I just finished week 1 of my diet and im down 2 lbs and thinking about starting excercize now..... link up, its wednesday .